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Medical Research
Core Ordering & Reporting Enterprise System is a web-based system developed at Vanderbilt. This fully functional system provides an extremely efficient and intuitive method to electronically process core billing. The system was designed for Core Facilities/Shared Resources billing, but can be used for any exchange of funds.
Medical Research
Monitoring & Oversight
MaO was designed to digitize an intensive regulatory process protecting the integrity and safety of all things related to medical research. The system allows for efficeint and effective collection of inspection related data as well as detailed reporting and management of the compliance.
Medical Reearch
Workflow Systems
Workflow systems to automate and facilitate processes involving a large number of people with specific inpute, testing results, and multiple workflow directions.
Jail Management System
Developed a JMS to for tracking and managing all aspects of an inmate's jail interctions. The system handles booking, alerts, health issues, visitations, and release. The JMS streamlines a paper-based process and is intended for city and county jails. The system integrates was designed to integrate with the VendEngine commissary system.
National Foundation for Cancer Research
Developed the fundraising systems for the world-renowned NFCR. An organization driven by a mission to fund leading-edge cancer research through prevention, detection, and treatment.
Various eCommerce site over the years ranging from Bathroom Fixtures to Furniture to Children's Books. Item searching and browsing, shopping carts, and credit card processing.
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Obj.X, Inc.
New York University
Digital Dog, Inc.
Vanderbilt University Medical
Lime Design
Logic Media
Dean Smith Partners
Harkins Creative